Sue James

Sue James

Sue has been a housing solicitor for more than 20 years. She has worked in a number of law centres and private practice. In addition she was a mental health solicitor representing the most vulnerable people detained under the Mental Health Act. She has a strategic role in the running of Hammersmith Law Centre where she is currently employed as the responsible legal officer

Nuns - Ferdo28 (Flickr)

The nun with an anti-social habit

Posted by - 31st January 2017
Sue James with more tales from the housing duty desk. Read other articles in the series here. Some clients leave an impression, like a stone or a leaf rubbing. Sister Sara…
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The law of the jungle

Posted by - 21st October 2016
More tales from the housing duty desk, by Sue James. The migrant camp at Calais is nicknamed the jungle. But that’s not what I saw. Read other articles in the series…
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Postcards from the edge

Posted by - 22nd July 2016
More tales from the housing duty desk, by Sue James.  ‘This case would be so much better without my client.’ It’s a thought most of us have had at some…
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