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Human rights watchdog calls on government to reinstate legal aid for initial advice

Posted by - 21st September 2018

The 2013 legal aid cuts have had devastating consequences on the general public’s access to justice. A recent study conducted by Liverpool University academics featured a sample of 100 people in Liverpool with issues regarding family, employment and welfare benefit law. The report, published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, revealed the detrimental effect

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‘Justice in a Time of Austerity’ launch

Posted by - 19th September 2018

The disastrous impact of austerity on the English justice system is increasingly being recognised. It is becoming impossible to deny that justice is in crisis; an under-funded, declining institution whose problems disproportionately affect the disadvantaged and most marginalised in society. This degradation of justice is why we are about to launch our new research project, Justice

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Greater Manchester Law Centre’s volunteers recover more than £1m in benefits in two years

Posted by - 14th September 2018

The Greater Manchester Law Centre has recovered over one million pounds in benefits for people since opening its doors two years ago. This money has been recovered by its entirely volunteer caseworkers comprising experienced advice workers as well as law students specially trained to provide representation. The Law Centre is also campaigning for welfare policy

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JusticeWatch: Not in it for the money

Posted by - 14th September 2018

Not in it for the money ‘I am unashamedly one of those annoying people who loves their job,’ began Mandy Groves of Ealing Law Centre in a blog for LawCareers.Net.offering ‘five reasons why you should consider social welfare law’. ‘It’s so interesting,’ she continued. ‘The people, the courts, the range of areas – when people

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Labour must fight for legal aid – before it is too late

Posted by - 11th September 2018

Access to justice should be for the many, not the few. That was Clement Attlee’s dream when his Labour government introduced the first comprehensive legal aid scheme in 1949. It was an achievement to rival the recently established NHS. Like free healthcare, access to justice should be a right. The coalition government’s Legal Aid, Sentencing

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JusticeWatch: Routes to justice

Posted by - 7th September 2018

Routes to justice Academics from Liverpool University interviewed over 100 people from the city facing problems social welfare law problems in a report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). ‘Many individuals could not afford to get the help they needed, and across all three areas of law (family, employment and welfare benefits)

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Finally, some much needed housing law advice in Suffolk

Posted by - 3rd September 2018

Readers of my previous blogs will know about Suffolk Law Centre, newly launched and on the journey towards our rural county no longer being an advice desert. Well I have some good news. We left the story with us trying and failing to recruit a housing legal aid supervisor – see here. Two unsuccessful recruitment exercises with

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Guardian immigration law

JusticeWatch: Immigration rules double in length since 2010

Posted by - 30th August 2018

Immigration rule changes ‘longer than Tolstoy’ The Home Office has made more than 5,700 changes to the immigration rules since 2010 making the visa system ‘nearly impossible to navigate’, reckoned the Guardian. ‘The rules have more than doubled in length to almost 375,000 words, resulting in a complex system which has been called “something of

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