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Faster, cheaper dispute resolution

Posted by - 20th July 2017

The civil courts and the government are increasingly keen on parties trying mediation to resolve their disputes, both big and small, for the good reason that for many it brings a much quicker, easier and cheaper conclusion. Lavinia Shaw-Brown writes about the benefits and practicalities of mediation in legal aid cases For those receiving civil legal aid,

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A time to rethink legal aid

Posted by - 18th July 2017

From the introduction of Proof, issue three out today – Life in the Justice Gap: legal aid matters – by co-editors Matt Foot, Rhona Friedman and Jon Robins ‘I genuinely believe “access to justice” is the hallmark of a civilised society.’ It was with those rousing words that Ken Clarke, as Lord Chancellor, introduced the

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Millennial baby-boom time bomb for criminal courts

Posted by - 12th July 2017

The number of young men entering the criminal justice it is set to rise as boys born after the millennium hit 17, according to a leading criminal lawyer who warned that the Ministry of Justice will have to find more money to deal with the spike. Greg Powell, president of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors’

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This (young legal aid) life: Oliver Carter

Posted by - 11th July 2017

It’s Thursday morning but it doesn’t feel like it. Somehow the week so far has felt both incredibly long and like it has passed in a blur. I’m back in the office after spending most of the last fortnight in court and I’m playing catch up.  This article is part of The (young legal aid) life series

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How much does a data breach cost?

Posted by - 10th July 2017

Great news if you’re a buyer. For those in the market for stolen data the cost has been decreasing steadily for a few years now. Whereas at the turn of the decade your financial data was worth $100 it can now be worth less than $5. Isn’t capitalism great? The problem of cheap stolen data

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Why We Should Oppose Gender Identity Fraud Prosecutions

Posted by - 10th July 2017

Following the conviction of Gayle Newland for tricking a female friend into having sex by pretending to be a man, Alex Sharpe looks at why such prosecutions are wrong. The recent conviction of Gayle Newland at Manchester Crown Court for sexual offences on the basis of gender identity fraud is something that should concern us

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#LALY17: Supporting the unsung work of legal aid lawyers

Posted by - 6th July 2017

A refugee from Iran was among those honoured at the 15th Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards at a celebration in London last night. Kaweh Beheshtizadeh, of specialist London immigration firm Barnes Harrild & Dyer, arrived in the UK in 2004, speaking little English, but qualified as a solicitor in 2016. Accepting his award he

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Pro bono: the third way

Posted by - 29th June 2017

Following the pieces by Jon Black and James Sandbach, in the debate over pro bono legal work, Diane Astin says there is third way and suggests the starting point must be the needs of the clients not the volunteers. The two articles on ‘pro bono’ legal work by Jon Black and James Sandbach put forward

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