This (young legal aid) life: Oliver Carter

Posted by - 11th July 2017

It’s Thursday morning but it doesn’t feel like it. Somehow the week so far has felt both incredibly long and like it has passed in a blur. I’m back in the office after spending most of the last fortnight in court and I’m playing catch up.  This article is part of The (young legal aid) life series

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How much does a data breach cost?

Posted by - 10th July 2017

Great news if you’re a buyer. For those in the market for stolen data the cost has been decreasing steadily for a few years now. Whereas at the turn of the decade your financial data was worth $100 it can now be worth less than $5. Isn’t capitalism great? The problem of cheap stolen data

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Why We Should Oppose Gender Identity Fraud Prosecutions

Posted by - 10th July 2017

Following the conviction of Gayle Newland for tricking a female friend into having sex by pretending to be a man, Alex Sharpe looks at why such prosecutions are wrong. The recent conviction of Gayle Newland at Manchester Crown Court for sexual offences on the basis of gender identity fraud is something that should concern us

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Pro bono: the third way

Posted by - 29th June 2017

Following the pieces by Jon Black and James Sandbach, in the debate over pro bono legal work, Diane Astin says there is third way and suggests the starting point must be the needs of the clients not the volunteers. The two articles on ‘pro bono’ legal work by Jon Black and James Sandbach put forward

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Age is more than just a number — disputes in criminal courts

Posted by - 27th June 2017

Appearances can be deceptive and courts need evidence before deciding a young person is wrongly claiming to be a child, says Just for Kids Law barrister Jennifer Twite. Challenge 25 is a retailing strategy that encourages shops and bars to challenge anyone buying alcohol and lucky enough to look under 25 to prove their age.

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Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower fire: tenants’ rights and the gaps in the law

Posted by - 23rd June 2017

The Grenfell Action Group and residents raised repeated concerns about the apparent neglect of health and safety legislation. Whilst there are several potential causes of action, the reality for tenants is that they would have struggled to bring a claim for a number of reasons. It has also been widely reported that the tenants tried

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Michael Mansfield new cut

Grenfell Tower inquiry must be on residents’ terms, says Hillsborough families’ barrister

Posted by - 21st June 2017

A leading human rights lawyer has called on the Grenfell Tower residents to insist that they were not ‘excluded’ from any forthcoming inquiry. Michael Mansfield QC called on victims of the Kensington tower-block blaze which killed at least 79 people to act immediately: ‘Those who’ve got the strength have got to come together to put in representations about

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