INTERVIEW: Sara Ryan talks about justice for Laughing Boy

Posted by - 1st December 2017

INTERVIEW: Sara Ryan talks about justice for Laughing Boy Connor Sparrowhawk. His name has got a superhero-like ring to it. ‘Connor Sparrowhawk, the boy who…’ But the boy who what? The boy who ‘loved his family’, suggests mum, Sara Ryan. ‘The boy who loved our dog, Chunky Stan, reading Horrible Histories, watching YouTube films of

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Michael Mansfield new cut

Grenfell Tower inquiry must be on residents’ terms, says Hillsborough families’ barrister

Posted by - 21st June 2017

A leading human rights lawyer has called on the Grenfell Tower residents to insist that they were not ‘excluded’ from any forthcoming inquiry. Michael Mansfield QC called on victims of the Kensington tower-block blaze which killed at least 79 people to act immediately: ‘Those who’ve got the strength have got to come together to put in representations about

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scottish soldiers

‘The military didn’t fail them. The government failed them’

Posted by - 16th February 2017

Should justice be crowdfunded? Will Bordell reports on the Three Scottish Soldiers campaign – representing the families of Fusiliers Dougald McCaughey, John McCaig and Joseph McCaig , murdered in cold-blood by the IRA – about their fight for justice. This article first appeared on here ‘Why do they need to ask?’ wonders Kris McGurk.

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Phil Shiner: loathed by the tabloids, respected by his peers

Posted by - 16th September 2016

Although Al-Sweady will be written on PIL’s tombstone, it is the Baha Mousa case for which it should be remembered. Fiona Bawdon looks back at the career of Phil Shiner ‘We have the most powerful democracy in the world because our state will use public money through legal aid to pay me to take these cases.’

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Guy Beringer photograph

‘We are having this debate – and not bothering too much about the facts’

Posted by - 4th December 2015

INTERVIEW: ‘The real role for government in the future is not as funder but as convenor,’ reflects Guy Beringer, chairman of The Legal Education Foundation (TLEF).  It is a role that wouldn’t cost the taxpayer huge amounts of money but nonetheless would be ‘enormously effective’. ‘The problem is though it isn’t happening,’ Beringer adds. The

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