JusticeWatch: So what now?

Posted by - 8th May 2015

At time of going to press, election results are pouring in – Ed Balls has just lost his seat and it looks like the Tories could be heading for a majority. No passion, no commitment to principle The human rights lawyer Louise Christian wrote to Sadiq Khan, shadow justice secretary and former fellow partner  in

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JusticeWatch: LASPO and ‘frankly astonishing levels of hypocrisy’

Posted by - 1st May 2015

A change in tone The Lib Dems were guilty of ‘frankly astonishing’ levels of ‘complete hypocrisy’. So said Lord Bach, shadow attorney general in an interview with Counsel magazine. ‘A party with a reputation for justice and liberty; for them to vote through the LASPO Act is absolutely outrageous,’ said Bach. ‘They should be ashamed

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JusticeWatch: Vote for Justice

Posted by - 24th April 2015

‘It’s revolution time’, says retired Appeal judge A former court of appeal judge has called upon defence lawyers to withdraw their labour to protest the legal aid cuts. ‘Unless you [lawyers] are prepared to withdraw your labour you have no hope,’ Sir Anthony Hooper was reported to have said at yesterday’s Vote for Justice rally.

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JusticeWatch: ‘Other parties might be wary of causing offence…’

Posted by - 17th April 2015

Causing offence ‘You couldn’t ask for a clearer tip-off,’ began Ian Dunt in his analysis of the legal content of this week’s manifestos on politics.co.uk. ‘The Tories will launch a harsh new crackdown against citizen’s rights, non-violent free speech and privacy after the election.’ Dunt quoted from David Cameron’s launch speech. ‘Other parties might be

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JusticeWatch: how many votes are there in ‘justice’?

Posted by - 10th April 2015

Legal aid: an election issue? Chris Grayling apparently ‘acknowledged things were bad on the ground but was clearly unaware of just how bad’ when he dropped into the offices of Devon law firm Wollen Michelmore. The Lord Chancellor was there to show his support for the local Tory election candidate. He also met with six

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manifesto 2

JusticeWatch: DIY justice

Posted by - 27th March 2015

Making criminals pay their way Convicted criminals will have to pay up to £1,200 towards the cost of their court case under new rules, the BBC reported today. Justice secretary Chris Grayling said the Criminal Courts Charge would ensure criminals ‘pay their way’. The fees come into force on 13 April, aren’t means-tested and will

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JusticeWatch: Worthy, but dull

Posted by - 20th March 2015

Worthy, but dull It has been noted that some defence lawyers seem to be of the view that the Coalition’s legal aid cuts have been exclusively applied to them – not Rhona Friedman, co-founder of the Justice Alliance though. Writing in The Tuesday Truth blog, Friedman offered an excellent insight into the relationship between the two

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JusticeWatch: ‘It’s easy to be rude about lawyers…’

Posted by - 13th March 2015

‘It’s easy to be rude about lawyers’ A Guardian editorial quoted Douglas Hogg’s infamous words when, as home office minister, he told the House of Commons that some of Northern Ireland’s solicitors were ‘unduly sympathetic’ to the IRA in 1989. ‘A few weeks later, human rights lawyer Pat Finucane was shot 14 times in the

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JusticeWatch: Shine on

Posted by - 6th March 2015

Dig deep… Criminal practitioner groups are urgently appealing for funds ahead of next week’s critical Court of Appeal hearing  – see here. A message from Robin Murray of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association: ‘I know the readers of this fine site by definition care about access to justice but we ask them to do a

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JusticeWatch: ‘Law without justice is like a body without a soul. It’s a dead letter’

Posted by - 27th February 2015

‘Law without justice is like a body without a soul. It’s a dead letter’ Hundreds of legal aid campaigners gathered outside Parliament at the start of the week in defence of Magna Carta and to highlight the hypocrisy of the government’s Global Law Summit, wrote Mary-Rachel McCabe on www.thejusticegap.com. ‘Not the Global Law Summit’, organised

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