JusticeWatch: playing the man, not the ball

Posted by - 21st November 2014

JusticeWatch: November 21 LV conference, December 8 There are a small number of tickets left. It’s free. We are close to being full and some workshops are close to capacity. More here. Thanks for your interest. Legal aid and bureaucracy As justice minister Shailesh Vara pointed out last week there have always been litigants in

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Mindfulness, judgmentalism and Chris Grayling

Posted by - 31st October 2014

JusticeWatch: October 31 Mindfulness, judgmentalism and Chris Grayling Melanie McDonagh reflected on ‘mindfulness’ in the Spectator, apparently a ‘form of Buddhism lite, that focuses on meditation and ‘being in the now’’. Over the last 12 months it has gone from ‘an eccentric but harmless hobby practised by contemporary hippies to a new and wildly popular

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JusticeWatch: Justice is ‘more important than Trident’

Posted by - 24th October 2014

JUSTICE WATCH October 24 More important than trident In the midst of all the usual legal aid-related despair, it was a welcome break to read Greg Powell on his vision for a national legal service. The past president of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association acknowledges that, whilst it maybe thought by many to be

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JusticeWatch: the latest whinge from Strasbourg

Posted by - 10th October 2014

JusticeWatch: October 10 2014 Calling all defence lawyers The good people at CLSA and LCCSA have done this to help you putting together responses to Transforming legal aid: crime duty contracts. You need to get cracking. The deadline is October 15. If you’re not sure why then Paul Harris, managing partner at Edward Fail, Bradshaw

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prison door

JusticeWatch: A criminal justice system that’s ‘on your side’

Posted by - 3rd October 2014

JusticeWatch: October 3 A criminal justice system that’s ‘on your side’! There’s never a dull moment with Chris Grayling. The justice secretary has promised a new Bill of Rights to give UK courts and parliament the ‘final say’; pledged a criminal justice system for ‘the honest, law-abiding majority‘; and suffered another bruising encounter with the

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JusticeWatch: ‘We don’t like to get personal but…’

Posted by - 26th September 2014

JusticeWatch: 26 September Oh, the irony… part one ‘We don’t like to get personal but… ,’ began Nicola Hill, president of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association on www.politics.co.uk. The Transforming Legal Aid proposals were, she argued, driven by ‘ideology and underpinned by ignorance‘ and, as such were ‘very much Mr Grayling’s reforms’. Hall was

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JusticeWatch: You can still get legal aid

Posted by - 19th September 2014

JusticeWatch: September 19 2014 Good news The High Court has just granted permission for Rights of Women to challenge the LASPO cuts depriving victims of domestic violence access to legal aid – read Catherine Baksi’s report in the Law Society’s Gazette here – also background on LV here. Rights of Women sought permission for a

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JusticeWatch: a caricature of fairness

Posted by - 12th September 2014

September 12, 2014 Can you spot social welfare law? The Guardian has put together a cut-out-and-keep graphic of legal aid in 2014. A visual reconstruction of the disaster that was LASPO. Warning: there is a serious risk of eye strain locating ‘housing’, ‘welfare benefits’ and ‘housing’. The graphic was accompanied by a story with a

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Telling truth to power – through knitting

Posted by - 5th September 2014

JusticeWatch: August 5 Telling truth to power – through knitting Brooks Newmark, in his first speech as civic society minister, got off to a flying start when he demonstrated his innate empathy for his brief by instructing charities to ‘stick to their knitting’ and not to ‘stray into the realm of politics’. Pic from Flickr

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