JusticeWatch: a caricature of fairness

Posted by - 12th September 2014

September 12, 2014 Can you spot social welfare law? The Guardian has put together a cut-out-and-keep graphic of legal aid in 2014. A visual reconstruction of the disaster that was LASPO. Warning: there is a serious risk of eye strain locating ‘housing’, ‘welfare benefits’ and ‘housing’. The graphic was accompanied by a story with a

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Telling truth to power – through knitting

Posted by - 5th September 2014

JusticeWatch: August 5 Telling truth to power – through knitting Brooks Newmark, in his first speech as civic society minister, got off to a flying start when he demonstrated his innate empathy for his brief by instructing charities to ‘stick to their knitting’ and not to ‘stray into the realm of politics’. Pic from Flickr

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JUSTICEWATCH: Pouring cold water over Grayling

Posted by - 28th August 2014

JUSTICEWATCH, AUGUST 28 Pouring cold water over Grayling Well, everyone from Oprah to Justin Bieber has been doing it and so perhaps inevitably everyone’s favourite justice minister has been nominated for the now ubiquitous Ice Bucket Challenge (as reported in Legal Cheek) – and, perhaps also inevitably, it was shadow justice minister Sadiq Khan who

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JusticeWatch: Punished for being poor

Posted by - 22nd August 2014

JusticeWatch, August 22 ‘Punished for being poor’ ‘Tragically the LASPO changes have caused nine Law Centres to close,’ said Julie Bishop, director of the Law Centres Network in a column called My Legal Life in the Law Society’s Gazette. People were being hit by a triple whammy of legal aid cuts as well as reforms

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So happy birthday legal aid

Posted by - 1st August 2014

JusticeWatch, August 1 A possible case of constructive dismissal Yesterday marked legal aid’s 65th birthday. The Legal Aid and Advice Bill received Royal assent on July 30th 1949 and now our system of publicly-funded law (or what’s left of it) has reached retirement age. Nobody was much in the mood for celebrating. Although Sundeep Bhatia

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How to build a law centre

Posted by - 25th July 2014

JusticeWatch, July 25 How to build a law centre An excellent and surprisingly cheery article (given the nature of the subject) about the consequences of the dread LASPO: Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi considered the phoenix-like rising of the new Birmingham Community Law Centre from the ashes of the old Law Centre, one of nine to have closed

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JusticeWatch: Chris Grayling’s Germany versus Brazil moment

Posted by - 18th July 2014

JusticeWatch: July 18 At last – an attorney general who has mastered the video link Is Jeremy Wright ‘the least distinguished attorney general for two centuries’, asked Matthew Scott. Almost all previous AGs had been ‘barristers of exceptional distinction’, Scott reflected. ‘Those who enjoy fantasy cricket could make a formidable team out of 20th century

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JusticeWatch: Chancery Lane ‘pledges support’ for defence lawyers (up to a point)

Posted by - 11th July 2014

Justice Watch, July 11 Cheque’s not in the post ‘Society pledges fresh support for criminal solicitors,’ was the headline in the Law Society Gazette. Apparently, Des Hudson has written to the London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association and the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association offering them his unstinting support in their judicial review – well, up to

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JusticeWatch: Ideology over evidence

Posted by - 4th July 2014

JusticeWatch: July 4 ‘Ideology over evidence’ There aren’t many good news stories around at the moment, began Sadiq Khan, the shadow justice secretary in the New Statesman this week. ‘Prisons are in crisis, probation is in meltdown, there’s been a spate of absconds by serious and violent criminals and the legal aid system has been

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JusticeWatch: Highway robbery

Posted by - 27th June 2014

JusticeWatch, June 27 Highway robbery Apparently, there might be more to the government’s attack on judicial review than just saving tax-payers’ money. ‘I’m not sure that this is really a question of public resources,’ Lady Brenda Hale told the House of Lords constitution select committee. ‘I think the problem is, not surprisingly, that nobody who

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