brook house

Brook House: A national disgrace

Posted by - 22nd November 2017

The recent, heightened scrutiny on Brook House immigration removal centre is long overdue. The problems that exist reflect a deeply ingrained culture of inhumane treatment; a culture of which the Home Office has been aware and has blithely chosen to ignore. Routine practices such as locking detainees in their rooms for over 13 hours a

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A police cell is no place for a child to sleep

Posted by - 17th November 2017

After Just for Kids Law brought a series of legal challenges, the government has now acted to confirm that local authorities must provide safe beds for arrested children, says Jennifer Twite In July 2016, Just for Kids Law began a concerted programme of taking legal action against local authorities who were routinely breaching their statutory

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Another funding setback for the Birmingham pub bombing families

Posted by - 14th November 2017

The families of Birmingham pub bombing victims have been refused legal aid to challenge a ruling that suspects should not be named. Julie Hambleton, whose elder sister Maxine was killed (see picture), told the BBC that the families had been ‘left with our backs against the wall’. They are challenging a coroner’s decision that IRA

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JusticeWatch: Trouble ahead

Posted by - 10th November 2017

Taken for granted The chair of the Bar accused the government of treating the legal profession in a way that ‘borders on contempt’ and rejected the government’s argument about the need for economies in the legal aid scheme. Opening this year’s Bar Conference at the weekend, Andrew Langdon QC said: ‘The independent bar does not

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life belt

How to survive: a Law Centre perspective

Posted by - 10th November 2017

The latest legal aid statistics confirm what those on the front line know – it is getting harder and harder to deliver good quality legal aid services, and survival itself takes a huge amount of commitment and hard work. Looking ahead, it is to be hoped that the Government’s review of the impact of LASPO

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Why do some defence lawyers regard their clients as ‘a problem’?

Posted by - 8th November 2017

How do lawyers treat their clients? For me, this question is at the heart of issues of access to criminal justice. Of course, lawyers do not need to like their clients or sympathise with them in order to offer high quality representation. Dr Daniel Newman on his research into the lawyer-client relationship Indeed, there is

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National PB week

National Pro Bono Week: What’s on

Posted by - 7th November 2017

The 16th annual National Pro Bono Week takes place this week. The annual event is sponsored by the Law Society, Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives to celebrate ‘the breadth and impact of pro bono work undertaken by the legal profession across the year, and to encourage further involvement and development’. Find out

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply for matter starts

Posted by - 7th November 2017

If your firm has experience in personal injury, tort and contract claims then now is your chance to consider expanding your legal aid practice to include bringing claims for victims of trafficking and modern slavery. If your organisation has employment and discrimination law expertise, and wants to do employment law under legal aid, then this

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JusticeWatch: Bishop backs Hillsborough Law proposals

Posted by - 3rd November 2017

The legacy of the 96 Responding to the review by the former bishop of Liverpool into the Hillsborough disaster, Margaret Aspinall, whose 18-year-old son James was killed in the disaster, said that implementing the Hillsborough Law reforms would mean that the Grenfell families and others would never have to ‘go through what we did’. ‘For us, this is the legacy of

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