JusticeWatch: Behold the ‘majesty’ of our courts…

Posted by - 16th February 2018

Neglected dumps Court users have been reassured that a video hearings pilot will uphold ‘the majesty‘ of our courts. Apparently, the pilot kicks off with tax appeals this spring. HM Courts & Tribunals Service said it was ‘working closely with the judiciary to ensure the majesty of a physical courtroom will be upheld’. This prompted some cynicism

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hyde park

Our government doesn’t care about the victims and survivors of terrorism

Posted by - 16th February 2018

The UK Government doesn’t care about victims and survivors of terrorism.  Not really.  Sure, after every terror attack it makes all the right noises.  It has to.  It’s what the nation expects.  The Prime Minister on the doorstep of No.10.  Grave expression.  Shock and regret.  Thoughts and prayers are with the victims.  ‘We stand with them…

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MoJ pulls plug on education and discrimination tenders as a result of ‘insufficient compliant tenders’

Posted by - 14th February 2018

The Ministry of Justice has pulled the plug on its education and discrimination tenders because of too few bids. ‘We are contacting affected organisations to let them know that we will not be awarding any Civil Legal Advice contracts for education and discrimination services through the current process,’ wrote the Legal Aid Agency earlier this

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LALY Awards 2016. Photo: Richard Gray

#LALY18: Nominations now open

Posted by - 12th February 2018

Nominations for the this year’s Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards are now open. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on July, 17. The deadline for nominations is April 10 (here) and this year will feature a practice manager award. ‘For the first time this year, we are introducing an award specifically

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Fire flames

JusticeWatch: British justice ‘in flames’

Posted by - 9th February 2018

Nothing happening No one who knew anything about the justice system doubted it was in crisis, wrote the former Lord Chancellor, Lord Charlie Falconer in the Guardian (here). He argued that the crisis was ‘unprecedented’ and that its were ‘poor people’ in an article headed ‘British justice is in flames. The MoJ’s fiddling is criminal.’ It was

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Miscarriage of justice watchdog reckons ‘very high’ probability of people in jail as a result of non-disclosure

Posted by - 7th February 2018

The miscarriage of justice watchdog has said that there is a ‘very high’ probability of people being in jail because of non-disclosure failures. In an interview with the Times, Richard Foster, chairman of the Criminal Cases Review Commission, reckoned that that one in five suspected miscarriages referred back to Court of involved disclosure issues and that

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One in three people facing legal problems in the UK report suffering health issues as a result

Posted by - 31st January 2018

Almost one-third of people with legal problems in the UK suffer a stress-related or physical illness as a result, according to a new international survey comparing perceptions of justice around the world. Thirty-one percent of UK respondents who have experienced a legal issue over the past two years said they had developed some form of illness as a result, the same figure

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MoJ face another challenge to ‘catastrophic’ legal aid cuts for defence firms

Posted by - 30th January 2018

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) faces yet another challenge to its ongoing restrictions on access to justice, after the Law Society last week issued proceedings in its judicial review of reductions to legal aid for criminal defence lawyers to read evidence served by the prosecution. Following a consultation on the proposals, the MoJ announced in

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